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                                                                                           We donate 20% of our net profits to animal rescue organizations.                                                                                                                       

About Us

 Deserving Paws Pet Store was created to provide a wide variety of pet products that will help you keep your furry family members safe and happy.

Our online store goes beyond making a profit. We will,with your help, raise awareness of animals in need, the importance of adoption and how we, as an animal loving community, can make a difference in the life of these deserving paws. As dog and cat parents ourselves, we believe that all animals deserve a happy life, surrounded by love and care. 

 In addition to offering good quality products, low prices and the same brands that you know and trust, Deserving Paws store will donate 20% of its annual net profits to animals in need. This is our commitment to making a difference in the lives of so many animals who are hoping to be adopted from a shelter, finally be removed from an abusive environment or who have been neglected. 

Every time you make a purchase from our website, know that you are helping an animal in need.